Since 2013, Abana Mortgages has been offering custom tailored lending solutions. Our goal is to make your experience simple, easy and effective.

We Are Focused On The Solutions

Abana Mortgages are unlike any other mortgage solution you’ll find. We have extensive experience with luxury residential mortgages, commercial property ownership and construction loans.

We took a look at the industry, and what we saw made it pretty clear why so many of our clients struggled to get the financing they needed: other mortgage lenders rely on “one size fits all” solutions, designed for completely different types of properties. In addition, strict lending conditions from traditional banks further limit borrowers from reaching the valuable potential of their investment.

At Abana Mortages, we create totally unique mortgage solutions for every client. Whether you want to move in to your brand new home, get your business up and running or break ground on your new construction project, we can help you get a simple, effective mortgage solution.

The Abana Mortages Commitment

We are committed to providing you with transparent services. Working with Abana Mortgages will further extend your access to unique investment opportunities that you won’t find anywhere else. Our in-house team is dedicated to providing you with on-demand timely and accurate financing options.

Our in-house experience with Investment Funds, Capital Management and Private Lending gives unsurpassed agility and access to a wide network of affiliates. This allows us to formulate a financial path that works to your advantage.

We strive to ensure our clients have the ability to tackle the big projects without the stress of complex mortgages that offer more problems than solutions.

Abana Mortgages looks at each loan application as a brand new opportunity to make a dream come true.

Act now and discover your financial potential!

Abana Mortgage Programs

At Abana Mortgages, we offer four distinct services. Our Residential program offers mortgages for luxury homes and other parts of British Columbia. We further offer custom loans for construction, including residential renovations, commercial renovations and brand new construction for luxury housing, high-rise buildings and multi-family buildings. Further more, with access to Private Lending, Abana Mortgages is able to complete the range of options available to address your needs.

Why Abana is different 

Through our customized mortgage programs, we offer localized services with efficient administration, with minimal red tape and maximum personal gain for you. We plan, consult and strategize solutions without wasting time with the corporate lifestyle that permeates the mortgage industry. You need a straightforward loan that perfectly suits your situation, and nothing more. Contact us via email at info@abanamortgages.com to learn how we will provide just that.