Believe in faster investment growths with custom tailored lending solutions from Abana Mortgages.

We understand that every client who walks through our door is different.

Your project’s journey has been unique up to now, and why should that change when you need a mortgage loan? We’ll work with you to create a simple, streamlined loan that is truly a solution. Our services have been carefully designed with expert insight to ensure maximum benefit to your investment and a piece of mind to you.

We also provide refinancing and renewal services for existing properties that fall into any of the following categories.

We offer capital lending solutions to the following major categories:


Make Yourself at Home With Abana’s Residential Mortgages. Abana provides custom mortgages for luxury homes in West Vancouver and the surrounding British Columbia areas. Abana will assist you in getting an easy, tailored mortgage solution in either case, and also provide loans for the renovation necessary for investment homes being re-built.

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With our Commercial Mortgages, we’re Banking on your Success.  Whether you are building a brand new commercial property in Vancouver or purchasing land for future development, Abana Mortgages can offer you the solution you need via a strategic road map to a faster realization of your commercial investment.

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Investing from the Ground Up has never been easier thanks to Construction Loans from Abana Mortgages. Our effectiveness comes from experience and clear understanding of the process. Through guidance and consultation, we focus on helping you make better sense of construction lending so you can take informed and decisive steps forward.

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Alternative Financing

We are prepared to help our clients regardless of monumental challenges. Abana Mortgages can provide access to private lending sources for generally short term borrowing needs. With Abana Mortgages, your next lending solutions will be optimized in a timely and efficient manner to help you proceed with outmost confidence in your investment.

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